Bob Tongusi
Bob just started driving for Jackson Concrete in 2008. His wife Tammy, and he have two children; Dylan, 10, and Sara, 7.  He was sought after for years by BJ and has become a great addition to the team.  Before he came by us Bob had 8 years of construction experience. 
In weekends Bob enjoys any outdoor activities in the north woods. 

Donny Latzl

Donny has been employed at Jackson since 1983.  He and his wife Kathy have three adult children, Stacy, 31, and son- in-law Ross, Amiee, 29, and Dave, 27.  Donny is an exceptional driver!  Since he has been working with all of the crew since they began driving he knows most of his co-workers driving styles, 

which can be beneficial when working the same site together.  Donny is always willing to help out and does so with a smile. 
In his spare time he enjoys hunting, fishing, wood working, and spending time with his family - playing with his grandson Logan, 21 months, and teaching him things only grandpas can, like how to burp.
BJ began working at JCI in 1984 as a driver, and soon moved into a dispatching position.  He bought the business in 1993 and turned it into the renowned business that it is today.  His 24 years in the ready-mix industry have made him our registered expert.
He won the Bravo Entrepreneur Award in 2006 from the Small Business Times.  He tributes his success in part to his strong work ethic, he is the first one his drivers see in the morning and the last one they see before they leave… Except on the days he has very important “business meetings” on the golf course.  It had always been his dream to have a family run business, and is very proud of how the company has evolved and looks forward to what the future will bring. 

The son of BJ and Goldie, Mike has been working at JCI since he was 14, when he was our official gofer.  As soon as he could drive, he was taking the front end loader around the plant doing gofer like things.  He got his CDL when he was 18 and sporadically drives truck when needed.  In 2007 he got his ACI Concrete Field Testing  

Certification.  He runs our Quality Control program, which is becoming an invaluable asset to our company.  He helps out managing the dispatch office.  If you do business with us there is a good chance Mike will have taken your order, or will show up at your site to make sure your concrete is perfect.
In his spare time mike enjoys creating and editing films, and spending time with his family!
Amanda Meyer
The daughter of BJ and Goldie, Mandy recently joined the family business, as the Sales and Marketing Director, in 2007.  After graduating from high school she moved to La Crosse, where she received her Associates of Applied Science in Marketing.  While in college she was an active member of

the Wisconsin Marketing and Management Association, within which she received honors in the areas of Hospitality and Sports & Entertainment Marketing.  Mandy believes that her experience in La Crosse prepared her for the marketing and promotional projects that she creates for JCI. 

Mark Larsen
Mark is one of newest addition to the Jackson team, and our very first Expeditor.  His wife Judy is his biggest cheerleader.  They have a son Jon, 21, and daughter Cozzi, 14.  His vast experience in the construction industry, 33 years, has given him a life time of knowledge.  He is the one you will see
checking in on jobs and making sure that every customer is satisfied with their product.  You may even see him driving a truck if we’re really busy.  He also acts as Co- Chairman of Region 2 in the Wisconsin Ready Mixed Concrete Association.  Yes, ladies and gentleman this guy can do it all, and he isn’t afraid of a challenge.    
In his free time he enjoys; camping, hunting, and spending time with his family.


Tony Tamborino
Tony began working at JCI in 1989.  He is up at 4 in the morning, driving to Milwaukee to pick up our cement for the day.  His company A.R. Tamborino partners nicely with Jackson Concrete to efficiently keep our raw materials stocked.  When he’s not driving his own trucks he’s delivering your concrete in ours.  At the end of his drawn out 13 hour
days, he goes home to his wife Timmerly, and children; Brady, 9, and Lauren, 7.
In his spare time he enjoys motorcycle riding & racing, playing soccer & football with his kids, and going camping with his family. 
~ How does Tony feel about working at JCI, “Working here for almost 20 years it is interesting to see the rise of the company from where it started”.

John Anheier
John is another one of our longest standing employees, having been with us since 1985.  Our resident carpenter, John has contributed a great deal to our showroom through his handy work.  Our hand tool displays were made by him, along with our community involvement area.  His years of experience have made
him the skillful driver he is today.
In his free time he enjoys hunting, fishing, having a few drinks with friends,sky diving, and being with his girlfriend Mary. John is the leader of one of our yard teams, named Team Anheier by his fellow workers.

Pat Stuffel
Pat started working at Jackson in 1986.  He and his wife Karen have two boys Kyle, 19, and Joe, 15. Pat is our go to guy.  Not only can he drive a ready mix truck like an expert but he can fix, weld, and build just about anything.  BJ looks to Pat for a variety of projects.

In his spare time he likes to go on off road motorcycling.  ~ What does Pat have to say about working at JCI, “Of all the ready-mix concrete companies I’ve worked for JCI is one of the best”. 

Dan has been with JCI since 1997.  He and his wife Laura have a son Eric, 30, and daughter Katy, 16.  Dan is one of the few drivers that can drive the conveyor and front discharge trucks.   Dan was our mechanic for a season and continues to help out back in the shop.  Dan is one of our jack of all trades.

In his spare time he enjoys fixing cars.
~ How does Dan describe his co-workers, “Fun guys, love them all. Easy to work with”.
Dan Meyer
Gary Murphy
Gary has been working at JCI since, 2002.  His wife Connie and he have a son, Kyle, 16.   Careful around Gary there is always a joke brewing; he’s a prankster, but a great guy to have on the job.  Gary has 7 years of time giving our customers great service.  He’s one of our top guys. 

Pat Klug
Pat has been working at Jackson since 2003.  Pat has four kids; Patrick, 24, Tory, 19, Connor, 17, and Kaylyn, 2.  His 20 years of experience gives him the professionalism that you see on the job.  Pat excels in driving and is an integral part of the JCI team. 

In his free time he enjoys hunting, fishing, spending time with his kids, and socializing with friends.
~ When asked about working at JCI he happily replies, “Great place to work”!
Tim Paape
Tim has been with JCI since, 2003.  He and his wife Katy have two children; Josh, 10, and Jo Anna, 9. Tim keeps his deliveries happy and takes pride in serving the JCI customers. 
In his spare time he enjoys; hunting, fishing, and 4- wheeling. 



Shaun Fitzgerald
Sean has been driving with Jackson Concrete since, 2006 and has 4 ½ year total of construction experience. 
When he isn’t working he is busy running around at being a dad.  Sean has four children; Tyler, 12, Adeline, 10, Preston, 8, Aislin, 4.  He enjoys

spending time with his kids; reading, hunting, playing games, and sports.  Sean also finds, father – daughter, time to cooking with his girls. 
~ What does Sean think of his job, “I like coming to work every day.  It is exciting coming to a new plant everyday and realizing that I was a part of making it happen”.    
David is our new mechanic; he started in 2007.  Before he was with us he studied at North Eastern Wisconsin Technical College, where he received his Associates Degree in Diesel Mechanics.  He will keep the trucks ready to deliver your concrete.  We look forward to a long relationship with David keeping the trucks rolling.

Micheal Meyer
John Meyer
David Salkowski
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