American Concrete Institute Guidelines

For Durable Exterior Concrete

The Following Mix Design is Suggested


4500 PSI – 6 ½ Bag Equivalent / Contains 611 pounds of Cementitious Material including 10% Mineral Admixture of Fly Ash.           550 lbs Cement + 61 lbs Fly Ash =  611 Total lbs

Low Chert Quarry Stone & Torpedo Sand

3 ounces of Water Reducer per Hundred Weight of Cementitious

Air-Entraining Agent to Equal 6% +/- 1%

1 ½ lbs of Fibrillated Fibermesh per yard

Water Base Curing Compound at 250 Sq. Ft. per Gallon for Application by Installer

Instructions for Homeowner Aftercare and Maintenance

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Wisconsin Ready Mixed Concrete Association pamphlets following American Concrete

Institute Guidelines for the Installation of Durable Exterior Concrete are available upon

request, or can be viewed at our website under the following pages; Exterior Flatwork, Cure & Seal, and Homeowner Maintenance.